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Anima was accompanied by a 15-minute film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The Anima film was played in some IMAX theaters and released on Netflix on the day of the album release. It features, the actress Dajana Roncione, plus choreography by Damien Jalet, cinematography by Darius Khondji and projections by Tarik Barri.

In the film, Yorke rides a train of uniformed passengers ("Not the News"), meets the eye of a woman (Roncione) and pursues her when she forgets her bag ("Traffic"). They meet in the street, dance together and board a tram ("Dawn Chorus").


“Damien Jalet was assisted by Aimilios Arapoglou, and Gabriela Cecena trained Yorke and Roncione intensively in order for them to dance through the entire film”



Nominated for a Grammy for “Best Musical Film” in 2020, Damien Jalet won the “Best Choreography” award at the UK Music Video Awards in 2019.

A “one-reeler” directed By Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Thom Yorke, choreographed musical film by Damien Jalet.

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