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gabriela ceceña garcía


p e r f o r m a t i c    a r t i s t 

1991 - Mexico

In cinema, she worked as a performer, actress, and choreographic assistant for the film "Emilia Perez," directed by Jacques Audiard, with choreography by Damien Jalet. Under Jalet's direction, Gabriela worked as a movement coach for the actresses Karla Sofia Gascón, Selena Gomez, and intensively with Zoe Saldaña. As well, Gabriela performed and assisted Damien Jalet in ANIMA: one reeler short film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Thom Yorke and Dajana Roncione where Gabriela coach and trained the actors through the dance process. 




 © Fernando Uzcanga

Together with Lucía Arechederra they created   SIN CERA and along with José Ramón Corral they found FUTURET  artistic initiative for the creation and production of contemporary dance in convergence with other disciplines from the city of Hermosillo, Sonora.

FUTURET won the Chapultepec National Circuit of Performing Arts with Additional performance award at Los Pinos Complex with the program “Universos Paralelos”. 
Gabriela has been invited to perform and teach at Le Facteur (Paris, France), Choreographisches Centrum (Heidelberg, Germany), L'Epicerie Moderne (Lyon, France), danscentrumjette (Brussels, Belgium), CEPRODAC (Mexico City), Entre suelo (Mexico City), among others. 


As well she choreographed the visual album for Elsa y Elmar directed by Jorge Leyva, she co-directed and choreographed the videoclip “Luces de ti” for Daniel Quien. She assisted Damien Jalet in the production OMPHALOS.

Gabriela was a fellow of the Support System for Creation and Cultural Projects of the Ministry of Culture of México in the category of Jóvenes Creadores (Young Creators) in 2020-2021 for the research of “Monosodia”, a dance film in collaboration with José Esteban Pavlovich. She was a recipient of the SACPC in the category Creators with Trajectory 2022 where she created the video dances: La Laguna de La Lengua and Chivasloobas. She also won the “status d’artist France” 2018-2020.

As a dancer she worked with Damien Jalet, Meytal Blanaru, Kubilai Khan investigations, among others.


 © Fernando Uzcanga

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