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F U T U R E T 

Artistic initiative for the creation and production of contemporary dance in convergence with other disciplines from the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, and under the direction of Gabriela Ceceña and José Ramón Corral. FUTURET is consolidated under its current name in September 2021, but spans more than 10 years of experience through local projects such as Pilot Festival, VISO Out Festival, El Pórtico, NUDOS and TODA.


The trajectory of its directors includes over a decade of professional experience in the scenic field, including presentations in some

of the most important stages in Mexico, as well as abroad. They currently reside in Hermosillo, Sonora, where they dedicate their efforts to transforming the artistic scene in their town, with an emphasis on creating dignified work spaces for local artists and thus being able to make quality work accessible to a new generation of audiences.

F U T U R E T 

futuret by futuret

Is an event where multidisciplinary performance and party converge

Futuret vol. 1 
Artists: José Ramón Corral, Paola Madrid, Daniela Urias, Janine Espinoza, Dj BeatCorona, Gabriela Ceceña, Dj BtK, Nexus Real, Arturo Ballesteros and Dj Cherra. 

Futuret vol. 2 House of the rising sun.
Artists: José Ramón Corral, Ana Karina Loeza, Uchy AM, Miranda García, Emiliano Castro, Gabriela Ceceña, Dj BeatCorona, Arturo Ballesteros, Dj BTK, Dj Cherra, Fermina 007, Manny Gómez, Benito González, Ana Paula Ornelas, Nadia Rodríguez, Lauria Ríos, Melva Olivas and Daniela Vázquez.

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