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"For my personal practice I always put the attention on how to unlock the body, especially the pelvis. Culturally, a woman's pelvis tends to be closed, to be more stressed. This causes the back, psoas and hip joint to lose mobility. The pelvis is the largest structure of the skeleton. If the pelvis is released, the body responds, the nervous system relaxes and a flow of energy is created."

The purpose of the workshop is that the participant arrives to a level of consciousness of her/his body; to touch sensitive and deep areas of it, to question how we use our muscles and joints, and to identify new impulses to active it. As well, to listen carefully our body weight and the trajectory in relation to space,  to stimulate the imagination by meeting ourselves in a different scene. 

IN MOVE is composed by 3 segments: 

1.  Anatomical exploration base on somatic exercises and group exercises for: feet, legs, hips, ribs, chest, neck and head. 

2. Inside and outside atmospheres and textures based on improvisation and group exercises providing guidelines that are spatial and/or body sensation to impulse  imagination and creativity, arriving into a transformation of physicality.


3. Mediation and consciousness based on breathing and somatic exercises. Activation of the chakras. 


The workshop will provide tools of exploration for the participants, to practice on their own. 


The class evolves to go through the 3 segments, being only one, a game that goes through one journey.

This workshop has been given in  Le facteur (Paris), danscentrumjette (Brussels), Choreographisches Centrum (Heidelberg), CEPRODAC (Mexico), EntreSuelo (Mexico), Camp In (Mexico), Dancemethod (Mexico), among others.



The construction of the class is made by several exercises that help us understand the relationship between the body and space, to identify where the weight is and where we can find freedom in our movements. The objective is to learn to use the feet and the center as a base and support for movement in order to move easily in space. 


Breath management is key in this workshop, taking advantage of its movement, its fall and recovery to move and recycle energy, reaching further and further in physicality.


Phrases are made starting from the floor, to build the body until reaching the vertical and thus easily get off the floor. Training an agile body, with ease of entering and leaving the floor, jumping, turning, moving.

This workshop has been given in UNISON (Mexico), CEPRODAC (Mexico). Escena ballet (Mexico), Dansé (México), among others.



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