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In a world whose existence has been configured, time it is suspended, emptied and loses meaning. immersed in the forces of space that surround it, new blocks of sensation vibrates within her.

In the midst of memory and oblivion, she looks for ways to find herself.
In the vertigo of the environment, she continues to be built.

De ejes is a game, an analogy of our technified society shown as a post apocalyptic future. like our reality is obscured by the worlds of images we go to going through our daily lives.




Direction & interpretation - Gabriela Ceceña
Music - Sheik Anorak
Costume - Sean Siqueiros 
Music design - Beatriz Corona
Lights - Nicolas Rivera
Photography & video - Uchy AM

Duration - 13 - 15 minutes

1123_3002 copy.jpg

s  o  l  o    p  e  r  f  o  r  m  a  n  c  e 

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