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la laguna de la lengua

v  i  d  e  o  d  a  n  c  e

Like juxtaposed statues, bodies unfold in a dance, back and forth.
They gracefully descend, their essence sliding: power, madness and irony on their path.

They evoke a mysterious and profound language. Unexplored feminine world; women seek pleasure in their shared secret world waiting to be unveiled.


Delight hides in curves and gestures. They explore limitless paths without end, awakening senses, surrendering to mystery, and anxious search without borders or limits.


Unleashed in the language of passion, reflected in the mirror-like lagoon, in a dance of sensuality, they merge in an embrace, delivering their desires in an ecstasy without sunset.


La Laguna de La Lengua is part of the “eudaimonia studies" series, where we reflect on the identity of Sonoran women to sculpt a feminine universe and language that redefines pleasure, eroticism, and women's power. Through these studies, we embark on a long journey to uncover what is hidden, what belongs to us as women. It brings visibility and deconstructs to then rebuild our identity in the dry, vast, rugged, and illuminated landscape of the Sonoran desert.

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Direction and choreography: Gabriela Ceceña
Cinematography: Pablo Celaya
Movement creators and perfromers: Guadalupe Ballesteros, Perla López, Ana Karina Loeza and Gabriela Ceceñaa
Art direction: Arantxa Murrieta
Sound design: Beatriz Corona

Edition: Pablo Celaya and Gabriela Ceceña
Choreographic assistant: Guadalupe Ballesteros
Color correction: Alejandro Romeu

Producer: FUTURET and SACPC 
Staff: Larisa Arce

Duration: 5:45 min

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